5 Steps to Prepare Your Church for the Disaster You Never Saw Coming

Equipping and Empowering Your Church Now

It's almost a cliché ... "I never thought it would happen to me!" -- that's how disasters work. The BEST time to prepare for a disaster is BEFORE it happens. In this course, discover exactly how to assess, prepare, and see where you fit into the overall picture of disaster response and recovery. Churches have a VITAL role to play for disaster response and recovery ... in fact, communities rely on churches and their particular role in the cycle of recovery. Become equipped now so that you will be ready to be the voice of Christ in the middle of the storm.
Yes, I am ready to be prepared!
5 Steps to Prepare Your Church for the Disaster You Never Saw Coming

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Chapter 1: Understand the Phases of Disaster
    • Step 1: Understanding the Phases of Disaster
    • Step 2: Read about filling out your Risk Assessment worksheet
    • Step 3: Download and Fill Out your Risk Assessment
  • 3
    Chapter 2: Risk Discovery
    • Day 2: Hazards and Risk Assessment
  • 4
    Chapter 3: Equip for Relief and Recovery
    • Resource Inventories (4 files)
    • Relief and Recovery
  • 5
    Chapter 4: Map your Assets and Identify Partnerships
    • Creating Your Networks and Mapping Your Assets
  • 6
    Chapter 5: Vulnerable Populations
    • Vulnerable Populations

Yes, I am ready!

I am ready to equip myself and my church to become prepared to respond quickly and efficiently in a time of disaster

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Meet your Instructor

  • Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold

    Course Instructor

    Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold

    Caroline is the Associate Director for Domestic Disaster Response for Week of Compassion. Caroline's passion is connecting people with the creative, re-creative power of the living God through stories and faithful action, and she believes a life of faith is about becoming part of God’s ongoing work in the world. She holds a Master of Divinity from Claremont School of Theology and a BA from Texas Christian University, where she studied English, religion, and political science. Before joining the staff of Week of Compassion, she served as Transitional Associate Minister at Newtown Congregational Church (UCC) in Newtown, CT, where her emphases were in faith formation and outreach.

Why is preparation so key?

It's not difficult -- but it is essential

This 5 day course will prepare you for the disaster you never saw coming NOW so that you will be effective when that time comes. 

In just 5 hours, Rev. Caroline  Hamilton-Arnold will guide you through the best  practices of disaster response and recovery. Best of all, when you purchase the course, you have immediate access to it.

Join Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Associate Director for Domestic Disaster Response at Week of Compassion, to find out the critical steps your church needs to take now to prepare. 

Having a plan in place will enable your ministry to be effective and to help the maximum number of people when disaster strikes. 

Churches from all denominational backgrounds are welcome -- in fact, ecumenical partnership is a huge benefit when it comes to disaster response!

**Eligible for CEUs for Clergy** (Email Katy Valentine at kvalentine@dsf.edu for more information) 

This course is the equivalent of the training you would receive from an in-person training with Week of Compassion 

Is this course for you? In it you will discover: 

  • The cycle of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery (with consideration for your area) so that you can effectively place your church IN this cycle for maximum responsiveness

  • The typical responses and available resources so that you can maximize time, dollars, and human resources

  • The emotional responses to disaster so that you can intervene before a crisis occurs in your congregation and others whom you serve

Proceeds benefit Week of Compassion and DSF.

Still  have a few questions?  Contact 
Katy Valentine,

Director of Online Learning


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The BEST time to prepare for a disaster is BEFORE it happens. This course will prepare you AND your organization to get ready so that you can be of MAXIMUM effectiveness when the moment of crisis arrives. Churches need to be equipped to be agents of hope in times of disaster -- the best time to prepare is now. Join disaster preparation and recovery expert Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold as she guides you through this process. **You will have access to the course materials through June, 2020.**
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