It's Time to MOVE

towards your new church start

It's time to honor the call that God has placed on your heart and MOVE towards your new church start. God has placed this call on YOU for a reason. In this course, you will become empowered to take the first steps and set yourself up for an impactful ministry. PS -- This is not about the degrees that you have. It is about the impact you want to make.
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It's Time to MOVE
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Yes, I am ready to MOVE

I am ready to have clarity, serve the people God has called me to serve, and to receive the support that I deserve. The module begins Wednesday, Sept 4 with personal mentoring and ongoing access to the course materials.

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Your Guides to Starting YOUR New Church

  • Terrell McTyer

    Terrell McTyer

    Pastor Terrell L McTyer serves as the Minister of New Church Strategies for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. He works to teach, equip, assist and multiply leaders through the New Church Ministry with an aim to increase missional efficacy and efficiency towards starting sustainable, world-changing churches and making disciples. His mission is to equip leaders to equip leaders.
  • José Martinez

    José Martinez

    Rev. Dr. Jose Martinez is a chaplain and a church planter in the Greater Kansas City Region. He is currently planting a ministry as an incubate participant with the National Benevolence Association called StoryWagen. Additionally, he is co-planter of Multi Nation Christian Church, which is the largest and only Haitian Ministry in the Midwest for the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ). Co-Vocationally, he is an endorsed Protestant Chaplain, at the 139th Airlift Wing in St. Joseph, Missouri and a chaplain with Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

MOVE towards your calling as a new church planter

(God has called YOU to do this for a reason)

Have you felt the pull towards beginning a new church, but you have no idea where  to start? 

Maybe you have not had the support that you've needed? People have told you that you're not the "right" candidate?

We get it. MOVE will guide you towards the confidence you need to start a new church.  Becoming a new church planter is not for everyone ... but if you have made it this far, then it just may be for you.

The only relevant factor here is that  you feel called to be part of a new church start. Period. 

The class will meet live each Wednesday in September on Wednesdays beginning on September 4 at 4 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. Eastern .... and even  if you cannot  attend live, you'll have full support and access to everything in the course. 

With Pastor Terrell McTyer and Rev. Dr. José Martinez you will discover: 

  • What your gifts are so that you can harness them in your own story 
  • How to know if your call to start a new church is viable -- and when to make adjustments along  the way -- so that you respond  faithfully  to God's call
  • The power of resiliency so that minor setbacks will not be major roadblocks 
  • Get a VISION for your new church so that you can start praying for the people who will be drawn to it now

Terrell and José have tons of amazing resources and material to get you MOVING forward. By the end of MOVE you will actually have a draft of your church plant "prospectus" so that you can start honing in on the details and begin gathering your people together 

Yes, I am ready to MOVE

I am responding to God's call on me to begin a new church start

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