5 Ways for Women to Empower Women Globally

with Rev. Dr. Pat Donahoo

Become INFORMED so that you can be EMPOWERED in your own personal faith journey -- and empower women around the world. **You will have access to the course materials through June, 2020.**
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5 Ways for Women to Empower Women Globally

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5 Ways for Women to Empower Women Globally

5 Hours of Training with Rev. Dr. Pat Donahoo

What affects women around the globe .... and how do Christian women serve in empowerment?

The United Nations "Status of Women" meeting identified a whole host of factors that affect women's lives. In THIS course, with the guidance of Rev. Dr. Pat Donahoo, you will find out about 5 of them and how you can make a difference everyday so that you can easily connect your faith and mission.

Specifically, put your faith into action:

  • Discover how clean water impacts women's lives so that you can help provide this crucial resource
  • Find out how to reduce vulnerability of women and girls so that you can INCREASE your own sense of empowerment AND the power of other women 
  • Equip yourselves to form valuable partnerships so that you have a worldwide team working towards common goals 
  • Connect your faith life to women's empowerment so that you live your faith every single day in mission

(Plus, we really encourage taking a self-defense class as part of your personal self-empowerment, so you may hear more about that too!)

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Your amazing guide is Rev. Dr. Pat Donahoo, Executive Director of Disciples Women, and attendee at the United Nations "Status of Women" Meeting

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